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     I wasn't sure I was going to start a blog area but finally decided to with the coming of Windows 8. So here are my impressions from initial usage.

     Windows 8 installed fine on an older system 4g Ram, Athlon II X4 640 with an average video card. Installation started normally to Windows 7 but eventually went different. It had a lot of screens during install that talked about things to do and how to do them. Small hints, it was somewhat helpful.

     Once installed Windows 8 boot to the "Metro" Screen which looks like it would be more at home on a Ipad/Tablet type machine not a desktop. All the applications are there and you have to scroll side to side to find them. This to me for a desktop/laptop computer is not reasonable. I find it annoying. Once you figure out where the tile for Desktop is it gets a little worse. There is no longer a "Start" Button. Now you cannot just run through the start menu and find your programs that were installed. Instead you have to go back to the start screen and find them. One thing I do and have done for a long time is use the bottom taskbar to put my programs. Windows 8 allows you to "PIN" your programs there much easier. Once I figured this out it made my desktop experience in Windows 8 more bearable. Additionally some programs do not open the same when you go from the Metro screen to them. Internet Explorer is the one I noticed the most. Rather than give me the usual desktop IE Window it gave me a modified one with no menu and no actual buttons to exit. Took me a bit of time to get out of it. If I start IE from the taskbar on the desktop it acts more like we are all used to.

     I  have been tweaking it some and working to make it feel right to me but it is constantly being frustrating. The biggest is the shutdown. With no more start button it took me awhile of rooting around to find where the power off/shutdown was. Some things  should be easy to find and straight forward not hidden in a few layers.

     On  the plus side it runs much faster and better than Windows Anything Else on the system. It is already sent out to the Manufacturers and will be offered soon. I believe the end of September is general release.

My opinion is it changed to much and to many basics.