Business Services and Support

Fees and Hourly Rates

     Business customers have the same rates as residential but there are some differences. Call for more information

There is a discount for a support contract call for more information on this.

Business Services and Support
We have over 25 years experience providing support in an business environment and can provide top end Corporate services and solutions. If your network area or closet looks like spaghetti, your server is limping along and security is suspect or you may be relying on someone who knows computers in your business but does other jobs and cannot keep up or any of the other myriad of business computer issues that small business have just like the big corporations you can call us.

     Give us the time to show you how we can give you Big Corporation support at a small business price. We can handle all your IT needs and relieve you of the stress of wondering if your network and servers are taken care of properly.
Call for questions, consultations and to have quotes done