Fees and Hourly Rates

     We have no fees for pickup or delivery of systems. All diagnosis whether it be at your location or ours is free. There is no minimum charge for any work done where ever it is done.

 $90/hr - No minimum charge - Seniors, Military Veterans and Personnel receive 50% off labor

Tune ups and Security
Virus, spyware and malware (Malicious Spyware) removal, disk cleanup including check disk and defragging the hard drive, fixing  and improving startup as well as making sure all updates are installed for the system. If you do not have an existing Anti-Virus solution I will install Microsoft Security Essentials

If you prefer I can install AVG Pro with a 2 year subscription at a small additional cost.
$35 - IncludesTrial version of Malwarebytes anti-malware Pro. Add $25 for registered version of Malwarebytes.

$25 additional - For full version and 2 year subscription of Anti-Virus software.

Complete Computer Reload

     A complete reload consists of backing up all customer documents possible, pictures, tax files etc. Reloading the operating system that is licensed with the machine or loading the Operating system supplied by the Customer or purchased by us. Loading all licensed software that customer supplies. Running all updates from Windows or other OS as needed and available. Burning all saved data to CD or DVD depending on how much there is. This is done in a 48 - 72 hour window unless other arrangements are made with you the customer.  Microsoft Security Essentials and full registered copy of Malwarebytes are installed as well.

If you prefer I can install AVG Pro with a 2 year subscription at a small additional cost.
 $150 - If you need a new hard drive for a system or want to upgrade your existing one, the price would be the same as the reload plus the cost of the hard drive as this is the same procedure. (OS purchase not included)

 $25 additional - For full version and 2 year subscription of Anti-Virus software.

Printer Repairs and Cartridges
Certified printer repairs from HP to Xerox and everything in between. Additionally we can supply you with Toner Cartridges or Ink Cartridges at competitive prices.
 Normal Hourly rate
 Call for prices on cartridges

All other work
Such as software installs, hardware upgrades other than hard drives and repairs are done based on actual time to do the work and difficulty involved as each problem or need is different.
Hourly rate with no minimum. Actual time used to figure costs.

Onsite Home and Business Evaluation
A brief but professional evaluation of the problem your issues with recommendations for repairs needed. No obligation to have us do the repairs. If you are within 30 miles of the office this is a completely free service. If you are beyond 30 miles then there is a nominal $10 fee which will be credited to any repairs done.

Custom Computer Builds

     Custom computers built to order based on your needs and specifications. Completely tailored to all your wants and needs.
 Variable - Depends on system configurations and competitive with all brands and other sources

Additional Services

System board replacement  --                    
LCD Replacement --                                    
Laptop Keyboard Replacement --               
Iphone, Ipad and other Smart Phones --     Call for pricing
$100 plus cost of system board (PC and Mac)
$45 for PC or MAC plus cost of LCD
$20 (PC) $100 (Mac) plus cost of keyboard

Business Network and Servers
With years of experience in the industry and training we can build small business networks and servers for any need additionally we can handle VOIP and other phone system builds. Whether you need to have cable runs, file, printer or firewall servers built. We can even handle your PBX needs
Call for consultations and to have quotes done